About Us

Since 1993, CT Finishing Inc. has been in the business of producing the highest quality finishes with an impeccable attention to detail and customer satisfaction.

We are field-finishing specialists with an array of experience in both the residential and commercial fields. We are committed to achieving the highest quality of craftsmanship at an affordable rate. To list a few, our work can be found in private residences, high end country clubs, conference rooms, hospitals, and corporate offices.

We use a work force of dedicated, highly skilled, motivated and professional employees to ensure customer satisfaction. This includes having an environment where employees enjoy working because they are treated with respect.

By taking pride in what we do, we uphold strong ethical values to keep our customers happy. CT Finishing is well known throughout the community. Our goal is to maintain the highest of standards in our industry by providing the best possible service, quality workmanship, and obtaining long lasting business relationships.

C T Finishing Inc. is a licensed contractor in both California and Nevada.

We service areas in and around Southern and Northern California, as well as areas all across the United States.

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